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6 Ways to Boost Productivity

Posted on: December 16th, 2014

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How to boost your productivity

In the business world, it can be hard to balance work tasks and your personal life without increasing stress and getting burnt out. Here are some life-hacks to help you increase productivity and still maintain a healthy psyche.

1.    Utilize To-Do Lists – This simple activity can help you organize your whole week! Studies have shown that to-do lists can help cut an hour of time out of your schedule. To-do lists allow us to visualize and set goals in a format where we can motivate ourselves to complete them and gain feelings of accomplishment as we check off items. Wunderlist is a great free tool for personal to-do list management, and many companies are beginning to use programs like Basecamp to execute this system on a larger scale.

2.    Prioritize Time For Emailing – We have all sat down at our computers at one point or another and been overwhelmed by the many unopened messages waiting in our inboxes, especially after a weekend and after holidays. One solution – Prioritize your inbox, and save time by planning the amount of time you will spend reviewing emails every day. Of course, some days will require more attention, but setting realistic goals for yourself will help you to rise above the fray. Responding to emails immediately when they pop up is really not efficient and can decrease your productivity. It’s far better to set aside specific times to review email.

3.    Spend Time Away From Your Desk – We recently explored the risks of unlimited vacation time, but there is another issue making its way into corporate America – Martyrdom. Martyrdom is the term given to employees who allow work life and home life to bleed together to the point where it affects productivity. Encouraging employees to take breaks, go for walks and use earned vacation time can really improve overall company culture, productivity and happiness on the job.

4.    Go to Sleep Early – Make sure you’re getting your full 8 hours. Studies have proven that those who wake up early are more proactive and efficient. By going to sleep earlier, you can wake up earlier and seize the day!

5.    Be Happier – Find things that make you happy and ease stress – happiness is linked to productivity! Keep yourself calm and in control, and you will be able to manage your workflow more effectively.

6.    Streamline – If you are doing something repetitively, consider finding a way to streamline or automate that process. For example, MassPay offers an HCM or Human Capital Management solution that combine HR management, payroll, time tracking and ACA and compliance reporting under a single solution to streamline process and save you time. Solutions like this can replace manual processes and automate routine items that consume your time.

MassPay is an iSolved Certified Partner, offering a full HCM and Payroll solution and services to small to mid-sized companies. See how we can help your company reach its full potential – Get in touch with us today.

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