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Five Benefits of Employee Self Service

Posted on: January 24th, 2013

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Are you still receiving your payroll check the same way people did during the disco era?….  While there will always be some who have the need to receive payroll information in a hard copy format, today, an increasing number of companies are adopting a more paperless payroll environment via Employee Self Service.

Employee self-service (ESS) is our online application that provides employees with access to their personal records and payroll details.

There are very measurable benefits to adopting Employee Self Service, from cost savings including postage, paper, storage and shredding, as well as significant convenience factors such as ease of access, increased flexibility in terms of making quick changes, and more efficiency. And who couldn’t use more streamlined business processes?

“Employee Self Service is more than just allowing employees to access pay stubs online” says Jason Maxwell of MassPay. “Employee Self Service is really about the modernization of the payroll industry. It is about making resources more readily available to your employees, keeping teams informed of necessary information within a centralized location, and creating more sustainable business practices.”  Employee Self Service is a game changer in helping companies to communicate more efficiently with their employees.  “We introduced Employee Self Service to our clients in 2009. It was clear that by empowering employers and their employees to gain quick, easy access to vital payroll information, their businesses could be much more efficient and effective.  Our client feedback regarding this service has been overwhelmingly positive.”

If you have not yet migrated to a paperless payroll environment, here are a few reasons to consider it:

1.  It eliminates time and expenses associated with distributing individual paychecks/paystubs to employees.  The minimal cost involved is offset by the elimination of delivery fees.

2.  It is convenient for your employees.  Employees can easily make changes to their paycheck and access benefits information on demand.

3.  It helps to automate business processes and develop more sustainable business practices.

4.  It reduces the workload of payroll administration and HR departments.  It makes it easy to post updates to HR documents and policies.

5.  It is simple, safe and secure.

Interested in learning more about how Employee Self Service options can help your company to become more efficient?  The set up process is very simple and easy. Please call our MassPay team at 978.998.6896 to get started.



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