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Best Places to Work in Massachusetts Award

Posted on: March 2nd, 2016

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Best Places to Work in Massachusetts - 2015 Award

Last year, MassPay was named a Best Places to Work in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal (BBJ). This award meant far more to us than other honors for numerous reasons, which include:

  • it was a mirror image on ourselves (company, culture, management, employee treatment)
  • it was a ranking by our own employees, rather than an outsider
  • It was not based on revenue growth
  • It provided feedback on our own level of employee engagement

Why are these things so important to us?

Above all else, we want a happy team that embraces our values and culture, who are excited to come to work each day, and who are willing to go the extra mile for our clients because the work in a positive, supportive environment. Ultimately, that translates into lifelong, happy clients.

Best Places to Work in Massachusetts Is Not a (Won) and Done Award

If anything, this award showed us that building and sustaining our corporate culture, and ensuring that we stick to our corporate values, is not something done once in a while. Rather, it takes work to create and sustain a positive work environment.

This requires an ongoing effort to make sure that we continue to offer a comfortable work environment that fosters communications across work groups. It drives us seek out and recognize team members who are doing great things and hold them up as role models for others. It causes us to identify and discuss business challenges as a company and it reminds us that everyone, no matter what role or job they play, has a voice and that each and every employee plays a part in our success.

Other Lessons from the Best Places to Work in Massachusetts Award

This award confirmed what we always knew — that our employees are the most important aspect of our business and that what we put in to our employees, the company gets out.

This is a core tenet of our company values, Internalize Team. We strive to provide a supportive, positive work environment where team members can feel safe, get the guidance and support they need, have the opportunity to continually learn and envision career opportunities and growth for themselves.

We are fortunate that we really get to know our team members and their families well.

At MassPay, it’s more than just business – and that’s what this award represents to us. If you do all those things, and truly value your employees first, then success is sure to follow.

Here are some things that can implement to become a Best Places to Work in Massachusetts (or elsewhere):

  • Demonstrate that it’s more than just business – CSR programs show the importance of giving back to the community

CSR programs - part of our Best Place to Work in Massachusetts Award

  • Help your employees meet their personal goals
  • Foster Team Spirit and Team Bonding through lunches, events/outings, fundraisers and CSR programs
  • Celebrate the success of individuals, teams and the company as a whole at every juncture
  • Expect more of yourself and those around us (another core MassPay value)

MassPay Values impact our being named a Best Place to Work in Massachusetts Award

  • Hire A team players who will bring dedication, new ideas and creativity so they too can be great role models
  • Help employees through personal challenges by being flexible when they need it

The new BBJ Best Places to Work in Massachusetts surveys are in the inboxes of our team members. We look forward to what we will learn, how we can be better, and again be among the Best Places to Work in Massachusetts for our employees.

Do you want to become a better employer?

About MassPay

MassPay provides a cloud-based HR & Payroll solution called iSolved, which allows small to mid-sized businesses to use leading technology to streamline their HR, Payroll and Talent Management processes and optimize their workforce. iSolved tracks detailed employee information, administers benefits, calculates work hours and processes payroll, and offers performance management/reviews, new hire onboarding, employee self-service and other capabilities, to keep businesses efficient, and compliant, with ACA and other regulations.

MassPay also offers ASO services to provide businesses with expert guidance on HR/Payroll issues, provides management and employee training and coaching on harassment and other topics, helps develop company policies, performs audits and addresses compliance issues, and implements best practices for recruiting, on-boarding, training and performance processes.

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