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FAQs about MassPay Payroll

What type of reports will be included in my payroll package?

MassPay’s standard reports will help you reconcile employee pay, cash requirements, tax liability and other important information processed in the current payroll. We also have the ability to create and customize reports to meet your company’s needs.

How and when will my payroll be delivered?

You will have the option to receive payroll information:

  • Electronically
  • UPS
  • Local courier
  • Held in the office for pick-up
  • US Mail

PS and Courier options are delivered the day after the process. MassPay cannot set arrival expectations with US Mail and cannot offer tracking capabilities.

Do you offer paperless payroll?

Yes. MassPay offers a service that electronically delivers reports to authorized contacts and check stubs to employees who receive direct deposit. We will provide you with blank check stock which will allow you to print any negotiable checks on site if you wish to be 100% paperless.

Can I view my reports online?

Yes. MassPay can provide you with a user login that will allow you to view all payroll reports, quarterly and W-2 information past and present.

How long does it take to set up my account?

Each new conversion is unique and set up time can vary.  Conversions that are not very complex typically take 1 week to complete.  All of our new accounts go through a thorough quality control process to ensure  accuracy.

What does the enrollment process entail?

Our sales team will guide you along the way and collect our required documents.   The forms that MassPay needs to begin the conversion are;  Fed Documentation, Bank documentation, W-4’s, sales agreement and Year To Date reports if applicable. Once our sales team collects the required documents a member of our  conversion department will contact you within 48 hours to establish a timeline.

Who will I work with at MassPay?

You will process your first 2-3 payrolls with a New Accounts Specialist before being assigned a permanent, designated HCM Specialist.

What if there is a mistake on my payroll?

If you notice a mistake on your payroll, contact your New Account or HCM specialist immediately. We will help you make necessary corrections in a timely manner.

How does direct deposit work?

MassPay needs a routing and account number to a checking or savings account for individuals. We will debit the company account one day prior to the payroll for the net pay of all direct deposits. Each employee will receive funds in the associated account(s) the day of the check date.

What is your billing process?

Billing is included in the ACH cash requirement each payroll and is debited from the company account one day prior to the check date.