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FMLA Leave Expanded for Military Family Members – How Will This Affect Small Business?

Effective March 8, 2013 employers will need to abide by an expanded FMLA ruling. Thankfully, the expansion only involves members of the military (active or former) and their immediate family members.

The changes that affect small business are the following:

1) Military Caregiver Leave has been expanded to cover veterans who are not in active service for up to 5 years. This leave only covered active members of the Armed Forces prior to this expansion.

2) Preexisting Conditions are now included if they were aggravated in the line of duty.

3) Military Exigency Leave (making arrangements and handling issues prior to deployment) has been expanded to cover the immediate family members of military members in all Armed Forces. This only included the National Guard and Reserves prior to the expansion.

4) There was an increase from 5 days to 15 days in the amount of time allowed to spend time with a service member who is on leave from deployment.

5) Lastly, the service member must be deployed to a foreign country to qualify for Military Exigency Leave

The following link describes the expansion in more detail:

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  • I am glad to hear we are taking care of our Veterans! Thanks for sharing.


    Thanks for sharing and staying on top of this information. I find it very helpful!

  • Dan Gleason, Human Resource RX

    Good stuff. Don’t forget to remind your clients that they will need to update their FMLA policies and poster.

  • Sarah Littlefield

    Who knew? 🙂 Very helpful info – thanks!

  • Great info, looks like a worthwhile reform.

  • Kathryn Coggeshall

    Very informative, thanks for posting! We will be sharing on our blog!

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