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Get Results with Social Media

Posted on: February 4th, 2016

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Get Results with Social Media

It’s no secret that your website and social media channels are now the gateway to information about your company and products, your work environment and culture, career opportunities and your company’s overall reputation.

HR professionals can play a significant role in using social media to drive increased awareness and position your company as a reputable thought-leader, which helps the company attract quality job candidates and keep employees “in the know” and more engaged.

Maintaining your social media presence takes work – ideally on a daily basis. Each channel has its own character, audience and type of content. It’s important to understand these specific nuances in order to optimize each channel for your company and get results with social media.

We’ve put together these simple tips to help your company get results with social media without breaking the bank!

5 Simple Tips to Get Results with Social Media

  • Improve your tracking – 2016 might be a great time to consider a management and analytics tool to get a clear picture of your success and craft some benchmarks. In addition to invaluable insight, a social media management tool can save time by aggregating all statistics and accounts into a central dashboard. There are lots of tools to choose from, but two of our favorites include Sprout Social and Hootsuite.
  • Set three goals or less – with numerous social networks and thousands of metrics, sometimes it is easy to get lost in the social media shuffle. One way to save yourself time and stress is by setting three simple goals or less and sticking to them, ex. “Get over 2,000 new email accounts”.
  • Create an editorial & marketing calendar – when it comes to social media, planning is powerful. An editorial and marketing calendar helps you plan ahead and think about your overall social media strategy. There are some great online resources, including this free template.
  • Content vs. quantity – sometimes less is more. In social media if you are going for quantity you can lose the focus of your followers by bombarding them with too many updates. Try to pare down your potential updates into the most engaging and relevant content as possible – it will make a difference.

For example:

We use Twitter to announce new labor laws, trends and infographics, so this channel has a higher volume of posts

We use LinkedIn and Google+ to post more detailed, thought leadership articles at a lower volume than Twitter posts

We use Facebook to promote company activities (tradeshow pics, fund raising events, awards, videos, etc.) mostly promoted through pictures

  • Invest in Design – When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later (source). This year, take the time to invest in your visual design for social media. Use your visuals as the primary vehicle to entice your followers to engage with your content.

Get results with Social Media – One Caveat 

Beware that you can get spread too thin covering all social media channels. It’s far better to do a great job with a handful of channels, rather than posting infrequently to many. Job applicants, clients, partners, employees and prospects can all see how active you are and some may be turned off if you do not update frequently.

We hope 2016 is your biggest year yet to get results with social media.

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About MassPay

MassPay provides a cloud-based HR & Payroll solution called iSolved, which allows small to mid-sized businesses to use leading technology to streamline their HR, Payroll and Talent Management processes and optimize their workforce. iSolved tracks detailed employee information, administers benefits, calculates work hours and processes payroll, and offers performance management/reviews, new hire onboarding, employee self-service and other capabilities, to keep businesses efficient, and compliant, with ACA and other regulations.

MassPay also offers ASO services to provide businesses with expert guidance on HR/Payroll issues, provides management and employee training and coaching, helps develop company policies, audits and addresses compliance issues, and implements best practices for hiring, on-boarding, training and performance processes.

With MassPay, you have virtually everything you need for your HR/Payroll processes from a single provider and platform.

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