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4th of July Love (2)

Jacklyn and her beautiful 1 year old daughter, Noella on the 4th of July!

Name: Jacklyn Carini

City/State of Origin: Southern California

Position at MassPay: Payroll Supervisor/Training Manager

Favorite part of working at MassPay: Each employee is valued and respected.  I have worked for large corporations where I have felt like I was just a number.  At MassPay, I feel appreciated on a genuine level.

Favorite activity outside of work: Viewing the world through my 1 year old daughter’s eyes is so exciting and promising.  The zoo, the beach, the farm; each first experience for Noella feels like a first for me!

3 Things most people don’t know about you:

1.  My most commonly used childhood nickname was Kool-Aid head.  Apparently, my head has been this size since I was born!

2.  I was in a beauty pageant when I was 8 years old and suffered a bloody nose during the group dance number.

3.  I was one of 45 people in my high school graduating class, of which were only 15 girls.

Smoosh face (2)

A beautiful family picture with Jacklyn, Noella, and husband Steve!

I hope everyone enjoyed hearing a little more about Jacklyn, and the rest of the MassPay crew!

Stay tuned next week!

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