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Meet Brittany!

Name: Brittany Rogers

City/State of Origin: Gloucester, MA

Position at MP: Payroll Specialist

Favorite part of working at MP:  The fact that everyone genuinely cares about each other.  You can count on anyone here to be there for you if you need it, whether it’s a work issue or a personal issue, everyone supports each other.

Favorite activity outside of work:  Kayaking

3 Things most people don’t know about you:

I grew up as one of six kids: 5 girls and 1 boy.  Being the second youngest of six, I now have 8, going on 9 nieces and nephews.


Brittany with her siblings, Amanda, Kimberly, Melissa, Katie, and Mike.

My name was almost Picabo (Peek-a-boo) after the skier, Picabo Street.  Can you imagine “Thank you for calling MassPay, Picabo speaking”?  However, it was better than my childhood nickname “Ham” that I got from my two older sisters, Katie and Mandy.

I have an abnormal fear of swimming in fresh water.  Up until this past summer, I had never gone swimming in a river.  It really wasn’t that bad but I’ll stick to the salt water!


Brittany and her nephew Ryder!

We hope everyone has enjoyed getting to know Brittany,  we are lucky to have her on our team!  Have a great weekend!!

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