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Paula and Niko

Paula and Niko


Name: Paula Papalambros

City/State of Origin: Lynn, MA

Position at MP: Tax Specialist

Favorite part of working at MP:  The Team at MassPay are not just coworkers but an extended family. They are always willing to help and support each other!

Favorite activity outside of work:  Spending time with my family

3 Things most people don’t know about you:

I trained to be an Olympic gymnast in my younger days. (didn’t work out)

I am deathly afraid of the dark.

English is not my first language!


Paula is the proud Mama of Stephen who is 17, Georgie who is 6 and proud step Mama to Kali who is 12!!

Georgie and Stephen

Georgie and Stephen


George and Kali

George and Kali


We hope you enjoyed getting to know our resident Greek, Paula!! We hope everyone has a great weekend, and a fantastic Thanksgiving!


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