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Massachusetts Payroll Information

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Massachusetts Payroll Information – Quick Facts

Massachusetts Minimum Wage: Jan 1, 2017 – $11.00/hour

For tipped employees, wages are $3.75/hour (provided service employee receives tips of more than $20 per month and if his/her average hourly tips, when added to the service rate, equals $11.00 per hour).

Remember that an employee’s wages plus earned tips must equal or exceed the then current minimum wage.

Calculating the overtime rate for service employees is complicated by the conflict between state wage & hour laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Because MA doesn’t require overtime pay for service workers, once an employee goes over 40 hours in a workweek, they fall under the FLSA guidelines.

Chart on calculations:

2017 MA Minimum Wage for Restaurants – Tipped employees

Massachusetts Unemployment Tax Wage Base: $15,000

Massachusetts Employees covered under Massachusetts Wage and Payment Laws must be paid either weekly or biweekly.

Massachusetts Wage and Hour Law Poster

Massachusetts Department of Revenue
PO Box 7010
Boston, MA 02204

Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance
19 Staniford Stree
Boston, MA  02114

Massachusetts Payroll Information FAQs

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