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MassPay’s ‘Mint’

Posted on: January 13th, 2014

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It is a familiar scene: You have just finished a meal at your favorite restaurant and the bill arrives. You have had bad service in the past, but not this time. In fact, the waitress has placed a few mints on top of the check, a small, yet meaningful sign of gratitude from an employee to the customer.

A recent study shows that waiters and waitresses that leave a mint on the bill see a 21% increase in tips. The mint study is just one example of the “personalization factor”, the WOW factor that keeps a customer coming back. Customer loyalty is integral for a company’s longevity. It is important to take that extra step in the customer experience in order to develop solid relationships between you and your clients. Customers want to feel like individuals, not as though they are just a number in the sea of customers.

Here at Masspay, we believe that the customer experience is one of the most fundamentally important elements of our core values. We believe that every single interaction with a human being is an opportunity to inspire them to make our world a better place. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through how we interact with human beings. WOW service is fun. Our level of responsiveness and care is unparalleled in our industry. We go above and beyond to inspire the clients and community we serve in such a positive way that they feel compelled to tell others about their positive experiences with us. It makes us happy to make others happy.

Like the servers placing mints on the check, we here at MassPay have developed unique methods of reaching out to our clients in a more personal manner. Our payroll specialist send out 3-5 hand-written (yes, hand-written) thank you cards a week. We offer free trials of services we feel can improve the client’s experience with MassPay. We host webinars to demonstrate how timekeeping solutions can save them money. Even just last week, our team hand delivered 23 payrolls in the midst of a holiday UPS/FedEx delivery crisis, ensuring our clients would be paid before the holidays.
Those are just a few examples of how MassPay reaches out to their customers to show we care.

What are some unique examples of how your company develops a positive customer experience?

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