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A Contractor can use MassPay solutions to better manage HR & Payroll

MassPay helps our contractor and builder clients gain better control over their cash flow.

MassPay, as an HR & Payroll services company, understands your need to focus on labor hours and costs. We offer solutions that help a contractor or builder accurately capture work hours, pay their employees accurately, maintain vital employee information and track labor costs by job.

Our time and attendance solution offers many options to collect employee hours from job sites. Our insurance programs help streamline your payment of workers compensation premiums and eliminate any audit surprises by auditing your payroll each pay period.

Contractor HR/Payroll Services Available:

  • Pay as you go workers compensation coverage
  • Track labor costs by job and/or department
  • Seamless integration with time and attendance
  • Telepunch time tracking and ability to collect time punches from job sites
  • Absence tracking (Sick, Vacation, Workers Comp, Other Leave)
  • Union reporting and tracking
  • Certified payroll reports
  • Maintain detailed employee info (i.e. certifications, emergency contact, OSHA and safety training)
  • Benefits administration
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Employee asset management
  • Centralized database of HR forms
  • Garnishment Payment Service
  • Competitive rates on Commercial Automobile insurance
  • Employment practices liability insurance

iSolved HR & Payroll solution

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