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MassPay helps Franchise and Retail Owners Optimize Their Workforce

Managing a Franchise or Retail Operation is not easy

You face many unique challenges in operating your franchise or retail businesses.  Staying in compliance with new wage and hour laws, calculating and tracking sick leave, reporting tips, offering benefits and the constant cycle of interviewing and training probably leaves little time to actually run the business.

MassPay can help — by providing solutions to help you optimize your workforce, streamline process, pay your employees accurately, keep you in compliance, generate required reporting and help you better manage your franchise or retail business.

Franchise Industry – Specific Services:

  • Easy setup of each location
  • Location management (consolidation and drill down)
  • Ability to easily transfer and rehire employees
  • Payroll that can be integrated with your point of sale or time clocks for hours capture
  • Centralized employee information, performance reviews, certifications, I-9 and employee assets
  • Optional Applicant Tracking/Recruiting
  • New hire on-boarding
  • Garnishment payment service
  • Pay as you go workers compensation
  • State unemployment claims management
  • MA sick time tracking and reporting
  • Benefits administration & open enrollment
  • Employee self-service (ESS) to view pay stubs, request time off
  • Employment practices liability insurance

Learn how we can help you manage your franchise or retail business for greater efficiency and profitability

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