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MassPay helps manufacturing companies optimize their HR management and Payroll processes for peak efficiency.

MassPay, an HR & Payroll solutions provider, understands your need to effectively manage employees and focus on labor costs. We offer solutions that help manufacturing companies maintain detailed employee records, including safety training and licenses/certifications, accurately capture work hours, allocate those hours by department, job, manufacturing line and task, pay employees accurately, and provide immediate visibility on attendance, productivity, and hours usage.

Critical to the manufacturing environment is a robust time and attendance solution that accurately tracks shift start and end times, meal and break punches, job changes, shift swaps, shift differentials, holiday pay, approaching overtime and other information so that labor hours and costs are carefully controlled and managed in real time.

MassPay offers manufacturing companies many options to collect employee work hours from the factory floor, including standard and biometric time clocks, kiosks and web time sheets, depending on whether you are a heavy, light or high-tech manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing HR/Payroll Services Available:

  • Workers compensation coverage
  • Integration with complete time and attendance system
  • Track labor costs by Job / Department / Line / Task / Piecework
  • Absence tracking (Sick, Vacation, Workers Comp, Other Leave)
  • Union rules, reporting and tracking
  • Scheduling (shifts, schedule templates, shift swaps)
  • Certified payroll reports and forms (i.e. W-2’s)
  • Detailed employee info (i.e. certifications, emergency contact, OSHA and safety training)
  • Benefits administration
  • Employee Self-Service (life events, benefits enrollment, PTO requests)
  • Performance management
  • Safety incidents/event recording
  • Disciplinary actions/records
  • Document storage
  • ACA compliance and reporting

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MassPay also offers ASO services to provide manufacturers with guidance on HR/Payroll issues, including adverse actions, set strategy for company policies, audit and address compliance issues, create, review and update employee handbooks, review job descriptions, and implement best practice hiring, on-boarding, training and performance.

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