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Helping the Non-Profit industry optimize their workforces

Operating a Non-Profit in today’s world takes more than just hard work

No industry is more in need of efficient, cost-effective solutions in order to operate than the non-profit industry. At MassPay, we work with hundreds of non-profit businesses and provide affordable, robust solutions and services to meet all of your HR, Payroll and Insurance needs.

Our solutions, combined with personalized, responsive customer service, means you get the priority and attention you deserve.

We understand that something cost-effective should never come at the sacrifice of quality, and we aim to help you maximize every dollar spent.

Non-Profit Industry-Specific Services

  • Maintain detailed employee records (skills, licenses, certifications)
  • Pay your employees accurately
  • Calculate work hours
  • Segregate/Allocate labor costs based on grants/programs
  • Track PTO and other absences
  • Time & Attendance system with multiple time entry options
  • Interface with different accounting software
  • Generate management reports and view Dashboards for better decision making
  • Utilize a powerful Ad hoc report writer to prepare for audits
  • HR/Payroll experts who have experience managing our own non-profit organization

Learn how we can help your non-profit manage and pay employees more efficiently with the iSolved HR & Payroll solution

Ask us about our ASO Services, which can provide a non-profit with guidance on HR/Payroll issues, and help you set strategy for policies, compliance issues, hiring practices, employe on-boarding, training and performance.


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