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MassPay helps the restaurant industry improve profitability and stay in compliance

Running a Restaurant is not easy – especially today

Each restaurant and hospitality business is unique and you need a solution and other services to manage your business, improve profitability, and stay in compliance with wage & hour rules.

At MassPay, we understand the restaurant and hospitality business, and can help you streamline HR & Payroll process, collect and calculate employee work hours, manage new hire on-boarding and all related paperwork and pay your employees accurately week after week.

Restaurant and Hospitality Specific Services

  • Point of Sale Integration: Import employee hours from your POS
  • Shortfall Reporting: maintain awareness of employees who don’t earn enough wages to cover their taxes and voluntary deductions
  • FICA Tip Credit Report: benefit from a tax credit that can save you thousands of dollars each year
  • Tips to Minimum Calculation; Makeup tips for payout
  • Garnishment Payment Service: easy management of child support and tax lien payments
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits
  • State Unemployment Claims Management
  • Pay as you go Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Liquor Liability Insurance
  • Communication of minimum wage requirements
  • Employer Practice Liability Insurance
  • Vacation and Sick time Tracking/Reporting
  • Detailed employee information (i.e. contact info, emergency contacts)
  • ACA reporting (if applicable)
  • Optional ASO services

Learn how we can help you manage your restaurant employees for greater profitability

iSolved HR & Payroll solution


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