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Transportation Companies Need HR/Payroll Automation to Drive Efficiencies

Whether you’re moving people or goods, the transportation industry is rife with details. From infrastructure to logistics, you can’t afford to miss a beat to ensure that your customers are happy and everyone and everything ends up where it needs to be, on time.

At MassPay, we understand the unique challenges facing your business and the importance of time, so we offer technology and services to help transportation companies manage their HR processes, capture employee work hours and absences, and a solution to pay employees accurately and on time. Our technology solution also keeps you in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), minimum wage rules, overtime, and the MA sick time law if applicable.

Transportation Companies – Specific Services:

  • Centralized employee info like contact info, certifications, licenses and expiration dates
  • Benefits administration & open enrollment
  • Mobile capabilities to view pay stubs; mobile punch, request PTO
  • New hire onboarding and documentation
  • Handling of gratuities for limo/taxi drivers
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Labor tracking by job/driver
  • Pay cards for drivers traveling out of state to avoid ATM fees
  • Per diem payroll
  • Pay as you go workers comp
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Union reporting & tracking

Learn how we can help your transportation business manage your HR functions, stay in compliance with healthcare, minimum wage and sick time laws, and pay your employees accurately, with the iSolved HR & Payroll solution

If you don’t have a full-time HR/Payroll person, ask us about our ASO Services, which can provide your business with on-going guidance on HR/Payroll issues, and help you with policies, employee handbook, compliance issues, hiring practices, job descriptions, employe on-boarding, manager training and performance.

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