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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management - Exectuive Dashboard provides immediate feeback on your business

Human Resource Management Now Takes a System

Small and mid-sized businesses face a challenging environment, dealing with laws regarding healthcare, wages, sick leave and other laws, plus the paperwork and administrative burden with implementing these rules. Managing HR and Payroll has quickly become a full time job and it’s tough for businesses to stay on top of all these changes. Yet ignorance of these laws is not an excuse, putting your business at risk for penalties, fines and potential lawsuits.

iSolved HCM Makes Human Resource Management Easy

MassPay can help you efficiently and effectively manage your employees with iSolved HCM, a complete, cloud-based Human Resource Management platform, designed to streamline process, keep you in compliance with ACA, minimum wage hikes and other laws, provide powerful reporting so you can make faster business decisions and help you optimize your workforce so that you can focus on growing your business.

The iSolved HCM platform includes these critical components — all within a single solution and database:

  • HR for extensive tracking of all employee data
  • Benefit Administration, Open Enrollment, Life Events
  • New Hire Onboarding (optional)
  • Applicant Tracking – iSolved Hire (optional)
  • Absence Management and Leave Accruals
  • Payroll (from simple to complex; including multi-state)
  • Reporting (hundreds of standard reports and ad hoc reporting)
  • ACA calculations, reports and forms; ACA filing
  • Time & Attendance (optional)
  • ESS/MSS capabilities
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android phones
  • COBRA administration (optional)
  • 401k administration (optional)
  • FSA/HSA administration (optional)
Read how HCM is Changing How Companies Operate

Do you often think “am I doing this right”? Learn how our ASO services can provide guidance on tough employee situations, write and review job descriptions, develop or update your employee handbook, develop a recruiting strategy and much more.

Contact MassPay to discuss your needs and learn how iSolved HCM can help you!

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