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Upcoming Events: Marijuana in the (Massachusetts) Workplace

Live Presentation on June 8th at MassPay 


8:30 – 9:00 am – Registration & Breakfast
9:00 – 10:30 am – Program content

Join us for this complimentary live session on setting policy on marijuana use, drug testing and legal challenges you might face.

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, combined with growing Medical Marijuana use and retail stores, is presenting numerous challenges (and questions) for Massachusetts businesses. Employers wonder what exactly is lawful. Can they Drug test for marijuana? Must they accommodate medical marijuana users? Can they still set a no drug policy?

At a federal level, marijuana use is illegal, but states like Massachusetts have recently legalized its use. Now is the time to start looking at this issue and determining what your business will do.

In this upcoming events seminar, we’ll cover:

  • State Marijuana Laws
  • MA Medical Marijuana
  • MA Recreational Marijuana
  • Workplace Policy & Practice
  • Drug Testing
  • Legal Challenges

and more ….

Thursday June 8th at MassPay’s office:  500 Cummings Center – Suite 4900 | Beverly, MA

Hurry – seating is limited to the first 40 attendees!


Please register by email —

MassPay ASO Division - Sheri Heller

Presented by MassPay’s Sheri Heller, Senior HR Advisor

Known for her lively, interactive educational sessions, Sheri will help you gain a comfort level to begin determining a marijuana policy for your own company.

About MassPay

MassPay provides a cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution called iSolved, which allows small to mid-sized businesses to utilize cloud-based technology to streamline their HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance processes and optimize their workforce.

iSolved tracks detailed employee information, administers benefits, calculates work hours, processes payroll, and offers performance management/reviews, new hire onboarding, employee self-service and other capabilities, to keeps businesses efficient, and compliant with ACA and other regulations.

MassPay’s HR Services (ASO) provides businesses with guidance on HR/Payroll issues, helps them develop strategies for recruiting top talent, evaluates and develops company policies, ensures compliance with wage & hour and other laws, and implements best practices for hiring, onboarding, training and performance.

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